Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not need a doctor’s referral to obtain services at Ready Set Grow Speech Pathology. Your child may be eligible for a Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM) from your GP.

Please see Medicare under Funding options for more information. 

Fees that are charged depend on many different factors including: length and location of service as well as the payment method. Please call our reception team to discuss the fee schedule that is correct for your family’s situation. 

To the initial consultation, you should bring: the case history and any other forms you have been given to complete as well as any letters or reports from other professionals.

We encourage parents to attend all the assessment and therapy sessions. This enables parents to know exactly what occurs in the sessions and to be aware of any at home requirements. If you have other children in your care at the same time as your child’s session, please bring them to the session! Your therapist will provide them with something to do or engage them in the session as well. Siblings can be great motivators and helpers.

Home practice activities will be provided at the end of every therapy session. Regular home practise of your child’s goals is essential for therapy progress. If your child is attending therapy sessions without regular home practise, their progress through therapy will be slow. 

  • Unfortunately there is no way to know how long therapy will take for each child. A number of factors will influence therapy duration including: number of goals, severity of difficulties, child’s attention and motivation and the amount of home practise completed. Children with many goals will take longer to achieve these than a child who has one specific goal.  
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