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Call us on (03) 8201 4331 or complete our online enquiry form to discuss your concerns regarding your child’s communication skills.

Initial consultation

As soon as possible, we will book your child in for an initial consultation. Initial consultations are usually booked for a period of 45 mins During the initial consultation, the therapist may:

  • Gather background information
  • Build rapport and observe your child
  • Conduct some informal assessment tasks
  • Recommend regarding further formalised assessment and/or therapy
  • A summary report will be provided to the family after the initial consultation.


At the initial consultation, your therapist will decide if further formalised assessment is required. Formalised assessment will occur over several sessions, depending on the exact assessment that needs to be administered. A written report containing the results of the assessment will be provided to the families within a few weeks of the assessment being completed. The therapist will provide a quote for the assessment before it is scheduled.

Ongoing therapy

If ongoing therapy is required, your child will be allocated a consistent weekly or fortnightly spot as soon as possible. Clinic based appointments are 30mins in duration and external appointments are 45 to 60min in length. Your child will be matched to a therapist with the appropriate skill and experience to meet your child’s goals. Depending on your availability and the clinic’s overall caseload, there may be a waiting time for an appointment.

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