At Ready Set Grow Speech Pathology we offer assessments, individual and group therapy services for children and adolescents. We offer individual and group sessions within our clinic. School, kindergarten and home visits are also available.


Our assessments are completed by a combination of informal observations and standardised tests, depending on the child’s individual needs and ability. Following assessment, a report is written to explain the results of the assessment and allow for therapy planning if therapy is required. 

We offer a range of assessments for the following:

  • Language 
  • Literacy  
  • Speech 
  • Play/attention
  • Stuttering or fluency
  • Social skills/pragmatics 

We can also provide assessment of communication skills as part of an Autism Assessment if requested by your child’s Paediatrician. If you have questions about assessments or are concerned about your child’s communication skills, call us today to discuss.

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If ongoing therapy is required, the family and treating therapist will decide on which goals will be targeted in therapy. Intervention may be offered on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Each therapy session will include home practise tasks that are essential to ensuring therapy progress. 

The standard appointment time for a therapy session is 30 minutes at our Ferntree Gully clinic rooms. Longer appointments may be able to be arranged. Alternatively, home, school or kinder visits may also be available depending on your location. 

We can provide therapy for the following areas:

  • Receptive language (understanding or comprehension )  
  • Expressive language (using words and sentences )
  • Speech sounds (saying sounds and words clearly)
  • Social communication (conversational skills and non-verbal communication)
  • Play skills and attention (pretend play, turn-taking, waiting)
  • Stuttering (repeating sounds or words, elongating sounds, unnatural pauses) 
  • Literacy difficulties (phonological awareness, spelling and reading)


Sometimes children will benefit from working towards their goals in a group setting. This is often the case with social skills goals. Group therapy can be a motivating way to practise skills in a more real world environment with other children. 

At Ready Set Grow we offer different social skills groups every term to cater for differing age groups and levels of ability. Contact us to ask about our current groups.

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Telehealth sessions are therapy sessions delivered over the internet over a video conferencing platform like Zoom. During 2020, we offered telehealth services to our families while clinic based sessions were not possible.

As some children and families preferred this service delivery method, we will continue to provide this service for appropriate clients.

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School Services

Ready Set Grow provides school based services to several schools in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Full and half day services are available for schools, kinders and day-care facilities. We can also provide professional development to education staff on a variety of topics.

If you have questions regarding our service delivery options for education providers, please contact our administration team. 

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